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Market analysis tools

Tools for fundamental and technical analysis

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Free services for Alpari clients

Available 24/7

All you need to analyse and forecast market movements

Free services for Alpari clients

Available 24/7

All you need to analyse and forecast market movements

How analytical services are applied to trading

Difficult choices

A trader wants to open a position on the EURUSD currency pair, but having looked at the price chart, can't decide whether to open a long position or a short one.


In order to make an informed decision, the trader uses Autochartist; a free online service. This program atutomatically analyses price charts and determines the most likely direction of the trend.

Projected movement

On the chart above, the descending wedge formation is breaking through the resistance. According to Autochartist's prediction, it is likely that the price of the asset will increase in the near future. The trader invests some of their funds based on this prediction.


The price continues to move upwards and the trader makes a profit. Thanks to this analytical service for Forex trading, this trader made the right decision.

Keep up to date with all financial market news

FXStreet events calendar

Every day, numerous events taking place around the world affect currency exchange rates. Make sure you never miss an important event again by taking advantage of our economic calendar and reading the latest news from FXStreet.

  • Accessibility: 17 languages
  • Prevalence: 50 countries

Trading signals from Autochartist

Autochartist automatically identifies chart patterns and key price levels, using this information to predict the most likely direction of the trend.

  • 80% forecast accuracy
  • 13 years' experience on financial markets
  • 400,000 trading signals per month

Specialised analytical services

Indices, reports, decisions and announcements from central banks, research data, and much more: everything that affects the major economies of the world can be found in the FXStreet Forex economic calendar. You can customise the calendar according to your preferences so that you'll never miss an important event.

Holiday schedule

Take note of national holidays so that you can prepare for potential volatility and stay informed as to when trading on certain currencies will be unavailable.

Interest rates

Keep track of interest rate revisions by central banks to avoid trading on the market during periods of high volatility.


Learn about the major economic indicators, how often their values are published, and how they influence markets, which will help you predict the price movements of national currencies.

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